New York City, 1977


  In metu et in fide,

in amor et in morte...

Pitch-Synopsis - Comic Book-styled, lurid and sensationalized...




Romance, murder and mayhem converge in a phantasmic tango when a college dropout falls for a gorgeous schizophrenic dancer -- and sparks the wrath of her crime-boss husband.



New York City, 1977… where we find our sleepless star-crossed lovers. A part of the urban blight bursting at the seams with unspeakable crime and passion. If Giuliani's cleanup crew showed up they would be hanged on the Brooklyn Bridge with platform shoes and glitter suits as ghosts.

This is a drugged out Travis Bickle's world mixed in a dance haze. A deadly comic book-noir chapter.  Not just your average warring gangs, jaded criminals, blood-knuckled Mafiosi, fashionistas, prostitutes or the Club 54 fever… but an umbilical syringe that’s loaded with the Ghost of Son of Sam,  a Euro Hitman Illuminato,  Serial Mafias and Laurel and Hardy-like pyscho thugs  -  watching our lovers walk a tightrope. And written on their dance shoes -  numquam perit amor…

Our hero: Tony - a 20-year old college dropout… a slick kind of guy with a heart of gold who believes that you cannot choose family and wealth, you have to earn it. Tony has already seen 'Saturday Night Fever' ten times and dreams of opening up his own dance club that will rival Club 54.  Trouble comes his way in the form of Serena, 30, a gorgeous dancer who placed an ad for a dance partner.  Tony answers the ad and upon the first encounter he falls madly in love. But she belongs to Sydney Bianchi, her husband, a badass serial crime boss.  Bianchi's capos make the Corleones look like cheerleaders:  they are hard-core misogynists and "serial killer" to them is just another career choice.  Serena, unable to bear Sydney a son, bears the brunt of her husband’s evolving twisted temper.

Driven to the edge of madness, Serena’s DNA ruptures into the surreal world of schizophrenia – where the Ghost of Son of Sam is manipulating her and the mysterious Euro Hitman tries to guide her to safety.  Serena knows she’s dying.  She yearns to participate in an underground dirty dancing competition - to feel one moment of real joy before her days are over.  Tony becomes her dance partner and desires to take her out this hell hole … but he has no idea the kind of trouble he's just stepped into.

Sometimes we have to lose our sanity to find it again…  DANCE DESIRE VIOLENCE.